Where is Boxee Box?

Boxee Box

Been waiting for Boxee Box (by Dlink) forever.  CNET has an article about it early this year.  They said Boxee Box should be available by second quarter of 2010.  Perhaps they mean by end of June?  No one knows about its availability yet and it’s always been vague.  I hope I don’t have to wait for another year for it.

Boxee Movie Library

In case you don’t know what Boxee is about, I will fill you in with a little information.  Boxee is a media center that’s similar to WD TV, CinemaTube..etc.  Currently, it’s software only and you can download it onto your computer.  It’s based on the popular XMBC (that was build for the original XBox).  So, it has a very solid base that’s it’s built upon.  You can download it free and it runs on various platform including Apple TV.  It has many features which will make you drool.  Give it a try.

How does Boxee Box compare to other alternative such as Tvixbox, WD TV, CinemaTube?  It’s all about the user interface.  Again, Boxee is based on XMBC (which was a fine piece of software already), its interface is clean, responsive and intuitive.  The expansibility aspect of Boxee really stands out.  To name a few, you can run Netflix, web browse, online radio, news site, Twitter, Facebook with very minimal effort.  It’s a great piece of software.  I can only hope this project will remain active and of course stays free.

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