Max & Ruby

May 24th, 2009

I have been watching the channel Noggin with my son and saw this cartoon called Max & Ruby.  It seems like a fine Kids cartoon at first.  But after I saw a few more episodes, I started thinking the cartoon is rather messed up.  Max & Ruby is more like a single mom family than brother and sister as what the show suggests.  I think it’s even worse for Ruby being a big sister because there are no adults in the family.  Is the show suggesting that they are orphans and kids are living by themselves now?  Also, Max is drawn a little big for a baby (compare to Ruby’s size).  I would think Max is a retarded boy if I didn’t know he’s just a baby.  I think this show is probably suitable for baby who don’t understand words yet.  For older kids, it’s a little inappropriate.  What do you think?

iPhone Copy & Paste

March 17th, 2009

Just read an article on Engadget that iPhone finally implements a copy & paste feature in the upcoming iPhone OS 3.0. It’s about freaking time. According to Engadget, there will be “grab points” where you highlight text to copy/cut and paste and to undo, you just shake it. They said it’s a very nifty implementation. It is really hard to tell from the description if it’s truly nifty. I hope they are right. I can imagine I will start seeing a lot of people shaking their iPhone vigorously in a bus or train.

Link to article

Children Motrin

March 5th, 2009

My son has fever again in the past week. We had to bring him to emergency room once when the Infant Tylenol failed to reduce his temperature. When we were at the hospital, the doctor administered Children Motrin to reduce his fever. It worked within an hour. Later we asked the doctor why his fever didn’t come down with Infant Tylenol. The doctor told us that some babies response better with Motrin than Tylenol. They gave us a Children Motrin dosage chart for babies less than a year old.

We know that there is another product called Infant Motrin. We asked the doctor about it as well. We were told both Infant and Children Motrin are basically the same drug but in different concentration. The dosage chart given to us already accounted for the concentration in Children Motrin. This is good to know because Infant Motrin costs twice as much as Children Motrin. I’m not going to post the dosage chart here because I’m not a medical professional. If you are currently using Infant Motrin for your baby, try asking your doctor for dosage information with Children Motrin to save yourself some money.